Scott started his life at sea as a young boy, working as a powder monkey aboard a Royal Navy vessel. He learnt his way around the ships maintenance quickly and soon began presenting his unparalleled skills. One fateful day the ship was attacked and captured by the legendary Blackbeard. Blackbeard took a liking to young Scott and took him under his wing, where he began to learn life at sea from a new angle. Piracy.

Scott struggled to accept this new lifestyle at first, having worked with the Royal Navy, but then life working for Blackbeard seemed so much more promising than the British government!

Over the years, he grew up with the nickname "Barracuda" because of his wealth of experience on the high seas, and also for his ferocious personality... He had become cunning and formidable in battle, often besting his ship mates in sword fights, but he began to grow too confident around Blackbeard, and a crewman who wasn't afraid of him, was a loose cannon. 

So in order to get rid of Barracuda, Blackbeard tricked him into exploring a cave for "treasure" before abandoning him to be left for the Sirens that lay in wait just beneath the surface. But Barracuda was no fool.

Using wax to block out the lure of their enchanting voices, he managed to strike a deal with the Sirens. If he continued to trick other pirates to enter their caves, he would be granted treasure retrieved from the bottom of the depths as payment and the unoccupied ships would be his to do with as he pleased.

For sparing one victim for an endless supply of victims was too good an offer to pass up for the hungry Sirens!

And so Barracuda lives his days selling the Sirens loot, always on the lookout for more potential prey for his new ocean dwelling friends.

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