Samantha was originally caught in the southern shores of the British Isles by local fishermen. Although she was timid at first she became accustomed to life in captivity and quickly learned to communicate. She has a gentle and friendly nature and it was clear she responded very well to human interaction, especially that of children. She can often be heard in her pool splashing at passers by, playing games and enchanting people with her singing.

real life mermaid in an aquarium
real life mermaid
real life mermaid at a festival
real life singing mermaid

Samantha Siren is a very talented performer with an enchanting singing voice! She has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience both as a mermaid and performer throughout her many years in the industry and training! Samantha Siren is a truly passionate entertainer who is brilliant at keeping children's attention throughout every event, she keeps them completely enthralled with her fun stories and games!