Want to be a mermaid but not sure where to start?

Starting the journey as a professional mermaid can be daunting and you can end up feeling a little bit like a small fish in a very big pond (no pun intended!) unsure of how to progress with your business. Perhaps you are already a professional mermaid but would like to have someone on your side that you can turn to should you need any advice!

So to make it a little less daunting Lily-Rose is offering one to one Mermaid Mentoring to help guide you through! She will be available to assist/train you with topics such as:

  • What you should charge for a gig

  • How to maintain your character at all times whilst performing

  • Character/Mersona development

  • Makeup/styling tips 

  • Activity Ideas

  • Photographers

  • How to get the best from your photo shoots

  • How to be safe on photoshoots

  • Acting and improvisational skills

  • Children's games/entertainment

  • How to engage an audience

  • How to spot children with anxiety and how to interact with them

  • How to deal with rude/awkward customers

  • Interview technique

  • How to handle sexual harassment/general harassment while remaining in character

  • Grace/poise

  • Vocal projection, dynamic and inflection

  • Marine conservation

  • Costume and Prop Construction, Maintenance, and Repair

  • Story telling

  • Undercutting and its significance in the industry


Plus any other queries you may have!

Mentoring sessions can be done via Skype or if you would prefer face to face, sessions can be held at a location of your choosing* 

*additional travel costs will apply on top of the session fee

Why choose Lily-Rose to mentor you?

Lily-Rose has been working as a Professional Mermaid for 9 years and is also a professionally trained performer. Over these 9 years she has successfully ran her Mermaid Entertainment business and has picked up a lot of tricks and tips over the years from running into various obstacles and having to overcome them. Now she will help you so you don't run into the same issues, or if you do, you will have a better idea of how to handle them!

Lily-Rose has been training and working in the performing arts industry for 20 years as a singer, actress, dancer and teacher. By combining all of her skills she will coach you how best to unlock your potential as a performer and how to utilise your talent to make you a unique and individual mermaid/performer!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch now to start your journey as a professional mermaid/man!
Prices start from £25 per hour
Email -
Subject line  - Mermaid Mentoring
Alternatively you can text us on 07786530331 for a call back to talk in person!