Lily-Rose The Singing Mermaid brings the magic of her underwater world to your world above the water! She loves meeting new land folk and is available for all types of events! She loves regaling humans with her stories from the sea & enchanting many a listening ear with her siren song

The founder of Book A Mermaid, began her journey as a professional mermaid in early 2013, when there were only a very small handful of professional mermaids in the UK and has since been a part of its growth and change over those years!

 She first started out as a solo venture in 2013 before founding a larger company, The English Mermaids in 2015 which has since re-branded as Book A Mermaid! Over the years both she and her company has gone from strength to strength, appearing in various news and magazine articles and TV shows such as All Together Now Celeb Special & Season 2 (TV Judge in The 100), Notts TV, Timeout Magazine, The Argus, Loose Women, Give It A Year and more!

The ocean has always been a huge passion for her as have mermaids, and this love is reflected in her business and her performing. With years of extensive research into mermaid folklore and mythology behind her combined with her skills in the performing arts and her true love and passion for mermaids, she is able to believably bring the wonder of the mermaid to life right in front of your very eyes, and she'll leave you second guessing the existence of mermaids! 

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real life singing mermaid
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About Lily-Rose The Singing Mermaid
"The sea, once its casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever..."

- Jacques Yves Cousteau - 

Mermaid Lily-Rose was always a little too curious of the human world and would often swim too close to passing ships...One day while she was out exploring, she was caught up in a fishermans net not far from her watery Kingdom, Lycianna, and was pulled aboard his ship! The fisherman couldn't believe his luck and took her back to the shore, where he sold her to a local circus to be part of their side show attraction in the early 1950s. 

She quickly became used to the humans and decided that she loves nothing more than to spend time entertaining them and learning about their ways of life whilst they learn about her Kingdom and home and has been appearing at events for humans ever since!