Cut Throat Karl was always a troublesome pirate, but his biggest misadventure saw him lead a mutiny against his ships captain by attempting to cut his throat in the hope to become captain himself! However his plans were thwarted when the rest of the crew caught him red handed and stopped him from killing their Captain and threw him in the brig to await his punishment. The time came for Cut Throat Karl to face the consequences of his actions and was forced to walk the plank, plummeting down into the cold ocean below him. He started to lose consciousness and had accepted that he was bound for Davey Jones' Locker when he saw a dark shape move below him, swimming swiftly up towards him from the deep, dark depths. He later awoke to find himself on a beautiful island of white sand, surrounded by azure blue waters, with the sound of the sweetest music drifting through the air. He followed his ears and came upon a lagoon of beautiful mermaids lounging on the rocks singing to him of his fate...In return for them saving his life, he would be bound to serve the Mermaid Kingdom forever more. His fate was sealed using a cursed piece of eight that he can never take off, for if he does, he will surely die...

real life mermaid in an aquarium
real life mermaid
real life mermaid at a festival
real life singing mermaid
real life singing mermaid