Our mermaids make the perfect addition to a tank show! We have a tank available to us for hire in which we can swim, perform tricks and more! From festivals, to corporate & promotions, a mermaid tank is one of the most impressive things you will see and it certainly leaves a lasting impression! Please contact us to find out more about our tank show services!

Perfect for hotels, cruise ships, private members clubs or even your back garden pool, our mermaids can swim and perform tricks in the pool for your guests to be amazed by! They will interact with guests on the poolside, telling them tales from the deep blue and answering any questions you curious Landfolk may have for them!

Our aquatic acts make the perfect feature for events based around a pool, adding a little something different that will set your event apart from the rest!

Don't have a pool? Not a problem! We have our own portable pool that we can bring to your event and bring the magic of a swimming mermaid to life in front of your guests!

Aquatic Shows
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